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>Class Descriptions
Equipment Classes
Each equipment class includes the use of specialized equipment designed specifically for the pilates repertoire of exercises. The equipment design uses springs and supports creating an isometric resistance with the body's weight to stretch and strengthen muscles and correct structural alignment. Instructors have Comprehensive Pilates Training.
Chair I/II
Introduction to Balanced Body’s EXO Chair. Many chair exercises are performed upright, using the postural muscles and reaching muscle groups not easily accessible on the other equipment.
Prerequisites include:Mat I/II and Reformer I/II
Pre-Natal Pilates
A combination of Reformer, Chair and  Mat Pilates suitable for moms-to-be. It will help mothers stay strong, toned, supple and feeling good.
No Prerequisites
Reformer I (Beginner)
This class is designed for the beginner Pilates student to become acquainted with the reformer apparatus. Level I and II exercise will be taught. The focus will be on the Pilates principles for movement.
No Prerequisites
Reformer II/III
The Reformer uses a series of springs and pulleys to add resistance and to aid some of the tougher exercises. It’s great for creating long, lean muscles and strengthening your core. This class is based on the classical Pilates exercises with lots of emphasis on technique and posture. These classes have a maximum of 3 people per class.
Prerequisite:Reformer I/II
Reformer Upper Body
Short on time? The reformer upper body class is a 30 minute class utilizing the reformer apparatus. This class focuses on all muscle groups "above the belt." Strengthen the core, back and all muscle groups of the upper body. Clients must have had at least 3 private lessons to enroll.
Reformer Lower Body
The reformer lower body class is a 30 minute class utilizing sthe reformer apparatus. This class focuses on all muscle groups "below the belt" and the low back. Strengthen the core, back adn all muscle groups of the lower body. Clients must have had at least 3 private lessons or previous reformer experience to enroll.
Reformer Cardio Jump
Who says you don't get your heart pumping with Pilates? Try cardio jump and see the results! 30 minutes cardio jump utilizes the Pilates jump board to tone the legs and work the abs. This class is a set to upbeat music, for a fun energetic workout.
Reformer Ab Focus
The name says it all... This class will target every abdominal muscle to whittle away your mid-section! A strong core supports the back and can help alleviate back pain.
Tower I/II
The Tower allows you to focus on a specific body part, whereas Mat and Reformer and Chair exercises often use the whole body at once. This allows you to work on particular alignment issues and to rehabilitate injuries. The Tower is higher off the ground than the Mat and the Reformer which makes it much easier for the elderly and people with lower limb and spinal injuries to get on and off.
No Prerequisites
Equipment I
Equipment I classes are a combination of level 1 work and teacher's choice of reformer, tower, and chair work based on specific class needs.
Equipment II
Equipment II classes are a progression from level 1 work and will be teacher's choice of reformer, tower, and chair work based on specific class needs.
Mat Classes
Mat Classes teach the fundamentals to the pilates method. It helps to re-pattern the body to its natural postural ideal, while developing overall strength, flexibility and body awareness. Pilates props are often used during mat classes. Instructors are Pilates Certified.
Mat Fundamentals
This Mat class is for beginners. It takes the fundamental Pilates moves and breaks them down. These moves are the building blocks for all the other Pilates classes.
Mat for Beginners
This Mat class is the next step up from Mat fundamentals. This class will teach all the moves used in Mat I Pilates classes, but they will be broken down so you can get a better understanding of each move.
Some mat or equipment experience is suggested.
Mat w/ Props
Mat classes are designed to re-organize the body. Mat w/ props will utilize multiple props, such as the magic circle, overall ball, exercise ball, bands, and foam roller, for a well-rounded total body workout.
Barrelates is a combination of classical and contemporary ballet barre technique and traditional Pilates mat exercises. This class focuses on toning the lower body as well as strengthening the core and increasing balance and stability. This is an upbeat class with a cardio bonus!
PiYo Strength is a hybrid, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of yoga and Pilates, as well as the principles of sports stretch, strength training, conditional and dynamic movement.
BOSU Mat is a Pilates mat class that incorporates the BOSU.  This class challenges your core strength, stability, and balance.  Toesox or sneakers are suggested. This is an intermediate/advanced class. Pilates mat and/or cardio training is recommended.
Shhhhh... for women only! Experience the Pilates class that not only strengthens your core, but works on stripping away the insecurities and self-doubt at your core. In Sensual-Lates, women learn to get out of their heads and experience an appreciation for their bodies in a way that we usually don’t. Explore the way our bodies move, the way they stretch, the way they feel, and experience gratitude for all that our bodies do for us.
The TRX trainer is a workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. TRX delivers a fast, effective total- body workout! It helps to build a rock-solid core and increase muscular endurance. TRX can be beneficial to people of all fitness levels and is easily set up anywhere!
60 minute workout combining: Cardio Training, Strength Training, and Stretching; utilizing the BOSU, Pilates Mat, and the all NEW TRX Suspension Training. This class is designed to benefit clients of all fitness levels.
Group Fitness
Group Fitness classes offer a variety of structured fitness activities to meet your personal goals by providing conditioning exercises designed to enhance circulatory and respiratory efficiency that involves vigorous sustained exercise. No props are used during group fitness classes. Instructors are Group Fitness Certified.
Butts & Guts
60 minutes of intense work to shape the butt and lose the gut. Tennis shoes are required
Boot Camp
Boot camp classes will be challenging and fun! There will be a strong emphasis on cardiovascular interval training, core strengthening, functional exercise and lifting that will incorporate the whole body! Great class for diverse goals- weight loss, overall strengthening, supplemental training to stay injury free for your sport, overall health or just having fun and feeling great!
Adult Ballet
Learning the basics of ballet is an excellent complement to Pilates. Students will learn to execute basic ballet barre and center exercises with proper alignment. With an emphasis on fluid movement, control, precision, breath and concentration, this ballet class will teach the Pilates core principals in different and fun ways. This ballet class is appropriate for beginners as well as "lapsed dancers!"
 Zumba class combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using an aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle toning benefits. The zumba program integrates some of the basic principles of aerobic, interval, and resistance training to maximize caloric output, cardiovascular benefits, and total body toning. The cardio based dance movements are easy to follow steps that include body sculption, which targets areas such as gluteaus, legs, arms, core, abdominals and the most important muscle in the body, the heart.